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If I gave permission for someone to reside on my property without a rental agreement or paying rent and now I want them to move out, how can I legally get them to vacate the property and how soon do they have to move out. Is there a 3 or 5 day notice to quit? Or is that only for tenants paying rent? We reside in Arizona.

Answer by Carlton Casler: Although there is no "formal" rental agreement and they are not paying rent, that person is a "tenant at will." which means they are there with your permission and that you may remove your permission anytime you wish. Serve a 5-Day Demand for Possesion, NOT a 5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit (because there is no stated rent and you want that person gone, not simply to pay and stay). If they do not vacate within the five days, then file an eviction action in the local justice court.

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