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I was renting a commercial property for my office. Last February there was a fire and we had to find another office. Now after repairs the landlord insists that we occupy the office again. When I studied the lease there was no provission for me to terminate the lease due to fire, only the landlord had the option to terminate it. Is there a Arizona Law that will terminate the lease in this case?

Response by Carlton C. Casler: Yes, there is just such a law, see ARS Section 33-343: "Premises rendered untenantable without fault of lessee; nonliability of tenant for rent; right to quit premises The lessee of a building which, without fault or neglect on the part of the lessee, is destroyed or so injured by the elements or any other cause as to be untenantable or unfit for occupancy, is not liable thereafter to pay rent to the lessor or owner unless expressly provided by written agreement, and the lessee may thereupon quit and surrender possession of the premises."

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