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I'm assuming this would apply to the raising of rent in a month to month situation as well. By increasing the rent one is effectively ending the previous agreement and beginning another. The periodic term is the date the rent is due not just at any time 30 days from receipt of letter. My rent being due mid month would require 30 days notice in writing prior to when my rent is paid. If i receive notice on the first of a month my rent does not increase nor may my lease be terminated until 30 days after my next rent payment. Why does legal stuff always have to be so complicated? I know there's more to it than just to make feel stupid. Although at times i really wonder. Thanks for posting the information sir.

RESPONSE BY Carlton C. Casler.
Yes, you are correct. If rent is due on the fifteenth of the month, then notice on the first of that same month DOES NOT raise the rent OR terminate tenancy.

Thank you for sharing! Your blog provides a great resource and a wealth of information for us and our tenants alike.

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